Street Hype // Paris Christian Dior

Model 1 at Dior Avenue Montaigne, Paris

Fashion Now: Christian Dior Shop-Window Mannequins waiting for Summer 2012 …

Oh no, this what we have to go through now, day after day looking up to grey skies or watching dissatisfying weather forecasts, can simply not be called summer, can it?! While strolling down the posh Avenue Montaigne in Paris for a bit of exclusive window shopping, we might find some inspiration what summer could be like, if the skies were painted blue and all hype addicts being stroked by the sun. With summer still at hold, it’s amazing to see how light and colorful Christian Dior’s ready-to-wear collection for summer 2012 comes along. It’s simple, classic, elegant and just very feminine. And the best news is, all of these graceful dresses confound Coco Chanel’s insolent truism that none of Dior’s garments fit into a suitcase.

Model 2 at Dior Avenue Montaigne, Paris

Model 3 at Dior Avenue Montaigne, Paris

Models 4/5 at Dior Avenue Montaigne, Paris

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