Street Hype // Paris Tiffany Godoy

Tiffany Godoy in the Tuileries Garden, Paris 2013, Street Hype // Paris Tiffany Godoy, This Is Hype 2013

Tiffany Godoy in the Tuileries Garden // Voodoo Chic

Today we have all lenses focussed on authentic fashion icon Tiffany Godoy, who is a blend of almost every style that breaks with conventional fashion rules. While considering herself a passionate fashion outsider, the American born with Argentinian roots lives in Tokyo and spends her time taking part in many projects. Being abroad a lot from Japan, preferably travelling between Mexico, Paris and Hong Kong, Godoy co-published the outstanding in-depth look into the Japanese fashion movement, Goth-Lolita, which is a true gem of pure style and visual pleasure. Apart from wearing some unique “Voodoo chic”, as she discribes the outfit she’s wearing today, the popular blogger, author and editor, is now director of an exciting publication The Reality Show that presents Godoy’s own view of fashion through the most stylish fashionistas from the Nippon scene.

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