Street Hype // Paris Phillip

Phillip on Avenue du Général Eisenhower, Paris 2016, This Is Hype - We hate Fashion, but we love the People who wear it!

Phillip on Avenue du Général Eisenhower // Riding the Kenzo Tiger

Phillip from Mexico is wearing a classic Kenzo tiger sweater, as we wonder what Kenzo will deliver for H&M’s 2016 designer collection. It’s for sure that the Kenzo collection will be most vibrant, super-colourful und completely casual, while last year’s Balmain was rather glamorous and elaborate. Also without fail will be the hype ever-inflating the closer the Kenzo collection comes to H&M’s runway show forthcoming October in an as-yet-undisclosed location. Again, you can bet there will be pieces from the collection on offer on ebay even before it can be shipped to 250 H&M stores on November 3.

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