Street Hype // Palma François

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François on Passeig de Born // “I’m hypocritical in Terms of my personal Appearance!”

“No, I won’t tell you where I come from, but you may get a clue if you look at the colour of my hair. All I will tell you, I am definitely not Spanish. I am quite hypocritical in terms of my personal appearance. I tell everybody I don’t give a damn about fashion, which is kinda sly. Many people pigeonhole me as Rockabilly, which I’m absolutely not. I rather consider myself as sort of Rock ‘n’ Roll dandy. My style is beautiful in its simplicity, I’m okay with classic denim skinnies and skinny ties that go with a simple shirt. I’m very picky with shoes, they have to contrast the rest of my clothing, but nevertheless go with my personality and the colour of my hair.”

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