Hype Profile // Liz Jones vs. Rihanna

Liz Jones on Kensington Road, London 2013, Hype Profile // Liz Jones vs. Rihanna

Liz Jones on Kensington Road, London 2012 // The Woman who pisses off Rihanna

Watch out if you see the woman in the pictures above, she might need your help. After the controversial Daily Mail journalist Liz Jones called R’n’B’s baddest superbitch Rihanna a “toxic pop princess” and a bad role model to her fans in one of her recent articles, Rihanna herself has launched a mud-slinging personal attack on Jones in a lengthy message on her Instagram account. With nearly 8 millions of followers on Instagram, we can’t guarantee for Liz Jones’ safety in case she is seen in the streets of London by some underaged Rihanna diehards these days, who went mad on Jones’ words of wisdom. So, what’s the point to all that rant? Let’s face it: Jones hit the bull’s eye, because Rihanna is absolutely worth nothing as a role model. On the other hand, Britain’s Daily Mail, the paper that employs provocative Liz as a columnist, is not very much renowned for its reputable kind of journalism. In Rihanna’s own words “that shit ain’t journalism.” She takes it to the limit calling Jones’ article “bitter”, “amateur” and a “sad, sloppy, menopausal mess”. Talking of a “menopausal mess”, we are eagerly curious about Rihanna’s mental and artistic outcome when she hits the change of life in approximately thirty years. However, Jones overshot the mark rendering a sexist verdict about Rihanna’s “fashion sense on stage that surely invites rape at worst, disrespect at least.” After all, Rihanna’s unbounded anger has done Liz Jones (and Daily Mail) a bad turn, vaulting the journalist’s popularity i.e. bad reputation to unforeseen altitude, resulting in a lush salary boost on the part of Jones’ employer Daily Mail. Rihanna, you had better chill with dat!

Rihanna's Instagram rant as reaction to Liz Jones' article, Hype Profile // Liz Jones vs. Rihanna

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