Street Hype // Barcelona Claudia

Claudia on Plaça Reial, Barcelona 2013, Street Hype // Barcelona Claudia

Claudia on Plaça Reial // More than just Rock Chic Boho Style

Claudia is a designer of jewellry and co-owner of Once 11:11 Once Vintage, creating hand-made jewellry that generates an expression of spirituality and good energy. The brand finds inspiration from different eras of the 1900s and from various cultures around the world such as Indian, Egyptian, Roman and Indigenous. Claudia’s individual headgear and necklace are pieces from the brand’s current Anthony & Cleopatra Collection integrating the Feng Shui principles of good fortune and the balance of the elements. More than any workaday piece of accessory, Claudia’s jewellry is also a brilliant complement to her “rock chic boho style”, as she defines her today’s outfit.

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