Hype Profile // Breaking Bad Finale Starts Today

Breaking Bad Season 5 Finale // All Kingdoms come to an End

No great fashion here, but we all love Breaking Bad, don’t we?! Definetely because one of the best and most exciting drama series ever kicks off its finale of eight episodes on AMC today. The current hype just evolves around one question: Will Walter White survive? After he has fought his incredible war over five and a half series – first against lung cancer, then against mighty drug cartels and the DEA, and finally against his own family that is no longer able to bear this great character’s transformation from the upright chemistry teacher Walt White to the reckless meth cook and drug lord Heisenberg.

Ok, many things may happen in the future, whatever that is one of these scenarios will bring Heisenberg’s kingdom to an end: Mr White’s cancer will return, baby Holly will die and Hank will kill Walter. Unless Walter kills Hank. Or unless Jesse kills Hank to protect Walter. Or maybe Junior will kill Hank and Jesse to protect Walter. Or Skyler will kill Walter to save her family’s sanity. We don’t know yet, and only a fool would claim to know how Breaking Bad will end. All we know is that whatever producer Vince Gilligan comes up with will surprise and probably devastate us all.

Street Hype // Cologne Benoît

Benoît on Brüsseler Platz, Cologne 2013, Street Hype // Cologne Benoît

Benoît on Brüsseler Platz // Summering in Cologne

Benoît is originally from Trinidad and describes himself as a writer, poet, artisan (who crafts his own jewellry), survivalist, amateur naturalist and flaneur. Currently summering in Cologne, Benoît takes his sketchbook everywhere to note down the notions of his ever-changing mood in an ever-changing environment. Some of Benoît’s poems and prose can be looked up on his tumblr onedropmove.

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Hype Profile // Paris Montaigne Market

Montaigne Market on Avenue Montaigne, Paris 2013, Hype Profile // Paris Montaigne Market

Fashion Now // The World of cosmopolitan Style

If it’s good enough for Paris Hilton, who is rumored to shop here every now and then, it’s good enough for us. One of the 1000 and one things to do while in Paris is a trip over the city’s Triangle d’Or, i.e. the Golden Triangle between the Champs Elysées, Avenue Montaigne and Avenue George V – at least window shopping wise. Luxury fashion labels congregate behind grandiose entrances, leaving you dragging your jaw past fabulous yet unaffordable window displays. French people even have an expression for that: lêche-vitrine, translating window licking in English. It’s that what you’ll be doing in Triangle d’Or a lot. If it’s not only for window licking, then it’s an eldorado for fashionistas and victims of conspicious consumption. Paris’ first multi-brand designer boutique is Montaigne Market with over sixty international designers, offering seductive prêt-à-porter. You can meet the beautiful ones at the Market during Paris Fashion Weeks even at night, sipping champagne and having witty small talks over the most exclusive pieces of the next season. But even if you can’t afford that Christopher Kane leather dress at 2000 Euros, you can still evaluate who’s hot in the world capital of cosmopolitan style, even if it’s through a peephole or a shop window, respectively.

Fashionistas at Montaigne Market on Avenue Montaigne 2, Paris 2013, Hype Profile // Paris Montaigne Market