Strett Hype // Milan Magdalena

Magdalena on Via Monte Napoleone, Milan 2016, This Is Hype - We hate Fashion, but we love the People who wear it!

Magdalena on Via Monte Napoleone // Fashionista with Evil Eye …?

Absolutely not! Magdalena just put on a evil look because she noticed that somebody took photos of her without being asked. Had we asked Magdalena beforehand she wouldn’t have agreed to having some pictures of her, because she thinks she is so inphotogenic. Therefore, Magdalena’s grim facial expression is rather a sign of insecurity than of anger. See, what a lovely and cheerful fashionista Magdalena really is after being adressed face-to-face …

Portrait of Magdalena on Via Monte Napoleone, Milan 2016, This Is Hype - We hate Fashion, but we love the People who wear it!

Hype 5 // Best Techno Tracks 2016

Gregor Tresher & Petar Dundov // Differentiator

Enrico Sangiuliano // Moon Rocks (Original Mix)

Pig & Dan // Growler (Original Mix)

ZK Bucket // Let Your Body Control The Beat (The Drifter Remix)

Luca Agnelli // Phoenix

Radio Slave // Vision (Marcel Dettmann Remix)

Nitam // Influx

Moonwalk // Meteora (Original Mix)

Midland // Blush

Konstantin Sibold // Mutter

Etapp Kyle // Sakura

Fango // Vena Cava

Ed Davenport // Silver Walks

Art Crime // Still Life EP

Audion // Destroyer

Djedjotronic // Strapon

&ME // Shadows

WhoMadeWho // Hi & Low (Konstantin Sibold Acid Mix)

Ben Sims & Ron Bacardi // Rock Your Body

Alex Smoke // Dire Need (Tale Of Us Remix)

Hype Music // The Weeknd feat. Daft Punk Starboy

Hype Song of the Month // The Weeknd feat. Daft Punk Starboy

This is how you generate an appropriate portion of hype around an highly talented pop artist – and inflate the ever-profit-generating cash cow until it bursts: Abel Tesfaye aka The Weeknd, one of the past year’s biggest success stories going together with Daft Punk, the greatest electronic music act of our time, sounds too good to be true? Well, while just rolling out The Weeknd’s single Starboy, this is probably only the first act of a collaboration between Abel Tesfaye and the French godfathers of electro for The Weeknd’s fortcoming album Starboy.

Starboy is very likely to become one of the year’s huge pop anthems. Yet it delivers less than it’s promising. The end result sounds so sugary and seductive that your ears haven’t got the slightest chance to escape from another great pop tune, you might think. Driving music indeed, a car stalking through LA, tyres slurring over the asphalt, with Tesfaye’s elastic autotuned tenor dipping over the beat, detailing his usual litany of grief: money, drugs, sex ‘n’ crime. However, Starboy simply isn’t that exciting, because it doesn’t build to a satisfying climax and swiftly shows wear marks the more often you listen to it. That being said, Starboy could have been a track that has fallen off Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories, a second-choice to Get Lucky, without Thomas Bangalter und Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo taking too much trouble to sound as brilliant as on RAM. However, while Abel Tesfaye truly is the hype of the moment coming to terms with superstardom, mainstream radio stations and YouTube will eat Starboy up, making The Weeknd another short-lived million-dollar industry.

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Hype Profile // Paris Montaigne Market

Montaigne Market on Avenue Montaigne, Paris 2013, Hype Profile // Paris Montaigne Market

Fashion Now // The World of cosmopolitan Style

If it’s good enough for Paris Hilton, who is rumored to shop here every now and then, it’s good enough for us. One of the 1000 and one things to do while in Paris is a trip over the city’s Triangle d’Or, i.e. the Golden Triangle between the Champs Elysées, Avenue Montaigne and Avenue George V – at least window shopping wise. Luxury fashion labels congregate behind grandiose entrances, leaving you dragging your jaw past fabulous yet unaffordable window displays. French people even have an expression for that: lêche-vitrine, translating window licking in English. It’s that what you’ll be doing in Triangle d’Or a lot. If it’s not only for window licking, then it’s an eldorado for fashionistas and victims of conspicious consumption. Paris’ first multi-brand designer boutique is Montaigne Market with over sixty international designers, offering seductive prêt-à-porter. You can meet the beautiful ones at the Market during Paris Fashion Weeks even at night, sipping champagne and having witty small talks over the most exclusive pieces of the next season. But even if you can’t afford that Christopher Kane leather dress at 2000 Euros, you can still evaluate who’s hot in the world capital of cosmopolitan style, even if it’s through a peephole or a shop window, respectively.

Fashionistas at Montaigne Market on Avenue Montaigne 2, Paris 2013, Hype Profile // Paris Montaigne Market