Hype Profile // Paris Katya Fernandez

Katya Fernandez on Rue de Turrene, Paris 2013, Hype Profile // Paris Katya Fernandez

Katya Fernandez on Rue de Turrene // Prominent Embroidery and Accessory Designer

Katya Fernandez is an internationally renowed fashion designer, who has specialised on high-fashion embroidery and the design of accessories. Born in Brazil, Katya’s story followed an international way, which sees her live in most important cities of the world, where she could develop her instinct for fashion designing by attending influential schools and courses. In late 80s, she eventually arrived in Milan, where she chose to work in the showroom of Dolce & Gabbana, a significant experience for measuring the fashion market from the near. In the 90s, Katya launched her own company, focussing on the design of precious and exclusive embroidery, producing unique samples and designs of embroidery for prêt-à-porter and high fashion. The embroideries of Katya are prominent in the collections of famous designers like Romeo Gigli, Krizia, Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Svarowski to name but a few. Tonight, Katya is wearing Pollini shoes, vintage coat and trousers from the late 80s bought in London, hat and handbag from her own collection KF.

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Katya Fernandez

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