Hype Profile // Kim Kardashian West robbed in Paris Hotel with no Security

Fashion Now // Lagerfeld, Love and Cobain on Kim Kardashian

If someone gifted with the self-marketing talents that Kim Kardashian West frequently displays whenever a public or private camera lense snaps, their future journeys to Paris will imply a larger amount of safety measures now as well as the avoidance of Paris’ now-infamous Hotel de Pourtalès, located on Rue Tronchet in the 8th Arrondissement. Even if you cannot afford jewelry worth 10 million euros, belongings of less value may be safer in an apartment booked online via airbnb or Paris Apartments. At least you can make sure that your temporary accomodation has a front door secured by an electronic code.

This was truly not the case when Mrs Kim Kardashian West got a late-night visit by five assailants dressed as cops in her luxury apartment at Hotel de Pourtalès last night. The robbers pinched a ring worth 5 million dollars alone and other contents from her private jewelry box, in addition to jewelry especially borrowed for Paris Fashion Week and two iPhones. The well-considered and quite intricate, celebrity-prized commodity of privacy neither had an electronically coded front door or cameras inside or out nor any decent items of safety measures available. That noted, it took the disguised villains only minutes from handcuffing and gagging a male concierge to the point that the victim had to be taken by surprise, tied up and locked in her bathroom with her mouth taped shut in order to level off her screams as the thieves plundered the suite.

Call it stupidity, ignorance or arrogance: What makes you check into an auberge with no real security procedure inside, having bling worth 10 million euros carelessly stuffed in your Hermès and Louis Vuitton luggage? After many celebrities have been offering support and sympathy for poor Kim after the robbery, Chanel’s chief creative director Karl Lagerfeld had opposing views: “I don’t understand why she was in a hotel with no security. If you are that famous and you put all your jewelry on [social media], you go to hotels where nobody can come near to the room.” he told Associated Press. Presumably, as the robbers planned the heist, they may have tracked Kardashian’s endless bling-draped self-promotion on Instagram beforehand. That can, as many law-enforcement experts have pondered, have been the initial trigger for the operation. “You cannot display your wealth, then be surprised that some people want to share it,” Lagerfeld said. The whole Kardashion affair may eben have some adverse effects on the image of Paris, which is “a very bad thing” in the words of Lagerfeld.

If there’s some positive prospect here, it’s that the West family has immediately planned to undergo some sort of a personal-security review, hopefully including Kim’s Instagram image posting strategies and future trips to any fashion capital. The Hotel de Pourtalès owners, on the other hand, will be putting their establishment through a security review of an equal if not greater degree than that of the West family, if they hope to keep even just two or three of their former celebrity clientele. In fact, the Hotel de Pourtalès now faces a marketing disaster of terrific proportions: No more Leo, no more Madonna – nobody wants to be dragged out of bed by a gang of armed assailants. At 16,000 euros per night, as the de Pourtalès costs, or, really, at any price.

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