Hype Profile // Daft Punk featuring Pharrell Williams & Nile Rogers Get Lucky

A Hell of a Killer Dance Track // Daft Punk’s Get Lucky

Although Daft Punk are one of the more quietly successful and reclusive acts in the music industry, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo know quite well to fuel the hype engine. With their highly anticipated fourth album, Random Access Memories, to be released next month, the flagship French electronic duo (solely appearing in public dressed as robots to keep their mystique intact) are in the spotlight again. While music critics argue whether Daft Punk’s first single in almost a decade, Get Lucky, is any good, one week after its sensational release (becoming the most streamed song on Spotify ever in the US and UK), we have already come to a simple conclusion: Get Lucky is one hell of a killer dance track! It features Pharrell Williams’ cheerful singing alongside disco legend and Chic founder Nile Rogers, who adds some funky guitar licks to the highly catchy vocals. But it is the irresistible autotune robot-loops that turn the fantastic track into a generic Daft Punk classic, which can be played over and over. After tracks like Around The World, One More Time or Digital Love, Daft Punk continue to trascend the underground into commercial success, ultimately bringing back a bit of class to the talentless Guetta-infested dance genre. Enjoy!

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