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Pierre-Emmanuel at Sneakerness 2013 1, Cologne 2013, This Is Hype - We hate Fashion, but we love the People who wear it!

Pierre-Emmanuel at Cologne Sneakerness 2013 // “The Sneaker Business is like the Stock Exchange!”

Where are you from?
I’m from Marseille, south of France.

How old are you?
25 years.

What’s your job?
I’m a freelance photographer and illustrator, regularly travelling from Marseille to Paris because of Paris’ better job market.

Are you a real sneaker head?
Yes, I would definitely say so! I’ve been collecting sneakers for three years now and my collection consists of about hundred pairs.

So, what’s the sneaker hype all about?
I guess the hype derives from the influence popular American jocks have on youth culture wearing some specific trainers. Anybody sporting the same trainer like say Michael Jordan did borrows a bit from the man’s success. Really cool sneakers do also have a strong impact on fashion, design and brand awareness. Some people exclusively wear Adidas, others only Nike or Asics – it’s some kind of philosophy.

Does the hype justify the unattainable prices that some people are willing to pay for a pair of trainers?
I don’t know, but it’s the market! If you want to purchase a pair of sneakers that hit the market with hundred pairs only, you are willing to hold out some days in front of a store to eventually own them. That’s why some rare sneakers go for thousands of Euros on ebay. In some way, the sneaker business is very similar to the stock exchange.

Anything special about these Nikes you wear today?
Sure, these are a pair of light-weight Nike’s Flyknit sneakers, which I bought for about 180 Euro in Milan this year. They are my grails! I had to wait two days in front of the store before I could purchase them. There are really limited, I guess there were only fifty pairs worldwide. These Flyknit Lunar HTM sneakers are now being offered on ebay between 1500 Euros and $ 5000.

Portrait of Pierre-Emmanuel at Sneakerness 2013, Cologne 2013, This Is Hype - We hate Fashion, but we love the People who wear it!

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