Hype Music // Madonna Living For Love

Hype Song January 2015 // Madonna Living For Love

2015 just started, and Madonna is ringing the year in with a truly brilliant song: Unlike her recent lead singles, the overstuffed Timbaland-produced R’n’B-infested 4 Minutes and the infantile cheerleader pop talk Gimme All Your Lovin’, her new single Living For Love focusses on its unfolding lyrics, enticing piano accents (played by Alicia Keys), royal gospel twirls, swooshing electronics, a thumping bass beat and Madonna’s signature vocals. Previewing her 13th album Rebel Heart, now due for release in March, Living for Love easily approaches the glory of Madge’s classics Like A Prayer or Vogue. The song reveals a heartsome lifesign for a 2015 project that was oddly tossed into jeopardy by the end of 2014. If that unapologetic bitch only kept her fingers off social media …

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