Hype Music // Björk Mouth Mantra

Hype Song of the Month // Björk Mouth Mantra

The year expires with one of the weirdest video clips, leading us deep, deep into Björk’s mouth and throat. The bizarre and oddly beautiful video for her latest single, Mouth Mantra, taken from Björk’s great 2015 album Vulnicura, must have been a technical challenge produced most admirably by London-based director Jesse Kanda. Using mouth models, animatronics and Sony Action/F55 cameras in order to capture the extremely intimate inner workings of the singer’s mouth, tongue and throat, the vid stresses Mouth Mantra’s gloomy and chopped up electronic atmosphere. Unlike most of the previous songs on Vulnicura, which deal with the roaring dissolution of Björk’s relationship with Matthew Barney, Mouth Mantra is about a three-week period after vocal surgery in which Björk wasn’t able to speak. If the 2D video doesn’t make feel a little sick already, there’s will be a special 3D version for you that requires a Virtual Reality headset and Björk’s soon-to-be-released VR app.

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