Hype Music // Björk Black Lake

Hype Song February 2015 // Björk Black Lake

Björk will be back soon with Vulnicura. The “heartbreak album” deals with the personal struggles Björk went through during her breakup from American artist Matthew Barney. Shortly before the release of the highly anticipated work on March 7th, the Islandic icon will open a retrospective of her artistic work at New York’s Museum of Modern Art.
The MOMA has just commissioned a trailer of Björk’s new song Black Lake. Black Lake is highly orchestral, a dark and bitter 10-minute ode to despair, in which the singer describes herself as “one wound”, her heart “an enormous lake, black with potion”. The MOMA promo video presents Björk lying amidst some dead and dark vegetation, her delicate body being divided by a stream of blue lava fluid. It seems that Vulnicura will be Björk’s most private piece of work to date for which the singer has come to terms with a personal crisis and created another great piece of musical and visual art.

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