Hype Music // Beyoncé Sorry

Hype Song of the Month // Beyoncé Sorry

Beyoncé is back with her visual album Lemonade, which was released only two days after Prince died pushing Purple Rain from Billboard’s No. 1. While Beyoncé has become universe’s most glamorous pop star, it’s crucial to see the parts that make up Lemonade the way she presents them: not only as snippets from a complete audiovisual experience, but also as bookmarks of deep honesty on a timeline that form a story of Bey’s emotional journey through marital grief and anger. However, Sorry is her first standalone single and video released from Lemonade. And it is just more than brilliant midtempo electro R&B, it’s Queen Bey’s angry “middle fingers up” to a lover who scorned her. Far away from an apology, Beyoncé lets all men know not only does she not need them, she’s not even thinking about them. “Suck on my balls,” for sure.

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