Hype Music // Beyoncé All Night

Hype Song of the Month // Beyoné All Night

Beyoncé proves she is still ruling the pop world with the release of her fourth standalone video for her track All Night, taken off her stunning masterpiece Lemonade. The Diplo-produced ballad isn’t a breathtakingly beautiful song alone, it is also the centerpiece that holds Queen Bey’s groundbreaking visual LP together. While much of Lemonade seems to speak to a broader experience of Afro-American women, All Night appears to be all about Beyoncé and Jay-Z, delivering heartwarming home video footage of them hanging out on the streets, dancing, kissing, and spending family time with Blue Ivy. Without All Night’s weary words of reconciliation, Lemonade would rather be a tale of love lost, anger and mistrust instead of redemption. Musically, All Night builds around a bare skeleton of reggae guitars and slinky funk bass, evolving into a warm, sidling love song buoyed by Outkast-sampling horns and Beyoncé’s soulful vocals. All Night provides a peaceful coda to a noteworthy year and serves as a perfect reminder of Bey’s top spot on year-end lists.

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