Hype 5 // The Most Popular Women On The Web 2012

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Queen of Hype: 722,000,000 Google Results for Lana Del Rey

If somebody had asked one year ago, no one would have guessed that Lana Del Rey may ever top the Most Popular Women According to Google tally list. It seems that Lana Del Rey has become the new queen of hype by an absolute landslide. It’s probably not Del Rey’s mediocre talents as a singer that made her come in ahead of Lady Gaga, Beyoncé or Michelle Obama. We accept bets that see her drowning in 2013. Beginning with a list of 300 singers, actresses, models and politicians, Google then tallied the Top 50 popular women, compiled by counting the number of times each popular figure has been searched for on the web in 2012. Check out the list of this year’s ten most wanted ladies on the internet.

1. (–) Lana Del Rey (722 million results)

2. (3) Rihanna (508 million results)

3. (4) Cher (398 million results)

4. (1) Lady Gaga (388 million results)

5. (6) Britney Spears (343 million)

6. (15) Adele (299 million results)

7. (10) Madonna (292 million results)

8. (18) Taylor Swift (288 million results)

9. (11) Jennifer Lopez (285 million results)

10. (7) Katy Perry (249 million results)

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